The Controversial Science

Richard S. Broughton

Ballantine Books


ISBN 0-345-37958-6


Can the existence of ESP, Psychokinesis, Poltergeists, Reincarnation, and Out-Of-Body experiences be scientifically verified ?


  According to Dr. Richard S.Broughton, Director of Research at the world-renowned Institute of Parapsychology, hundreds of experiments in parapsychology have yielded results that simply cannot be ignored - and here he presents the first definitive layperson's introduction to the body of scientific evidence that has been compiled in the study of psi phenomena.

  In this impressively documented work, Dr. Broughton illuminates the history and evolution of parapsychology and directly addresses the raging controversy over its very existence as a science. At the heart of the book, he brings together a broad range of recent parapsychological research, from the U.S. China, and the former Soviet Union, complete with full descriptions of the actual techniques and explanations of how researchers apply scientific methods to study the baffling experiences that qualify as psi phenomena.

  "This is the best piece of writing for the public on serious parapsychology to come along in many years. It is both well written and well timed, poviding hot-off-the-press coverage of the most recent developments in parapsychological research and thinking."

Rovert L.Morris
Koestler Chair of Parapsychology
The University of Edinburgh